Wise Words from Michael Pollan


High Fructose Corn Syrup

In Sustainability and in Health

I came across this video tonight and had to share it on the blog. Michael Pollan is one of the leading experts on the food industry, and I recommend his work to anyone interested.

In this video, Pollan explains how our government and our agricultural system have made it possible for a Twinkie, a complex, highly processed, 40 ingredient product to cost less than a carrot, a simple root vegetable that can be planted and harvested with minimal effort.


It’s interesting and unfortunate that everyone recognizes America’s obesity epidemic, but that no one has taken effective steps to stop the government’s subsidizing of fattening, caloric, sugary ingredients.

One scene from the documentary, Food Inc., addresses how this issue affects an average, blue-collar American family.


The most poignant moment for me is when the family is walking through the grocery store and the younger daughter jumps up and…

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