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Not endorsement. Just like the humour

Why Evolution Is True

Reader M.L. called my attention to the website and comic strip The Atheist Pig, a collection of writings and cartoons that, as in this this strip from October of last year, can be quite amusing—and on the mark:


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Lingo Lunch

arabic chickpea soup lingolunch

The cuisine of the Arab world isn’t one of the most diverse in the world but it definitely does have a lot of tasty dishes to offer. As with any culture, there are certain regional differences that influence the different kinds of food that people eat, however these variations aren’t exactly set in stone. However there are a few things that generally hold true of Arabic food. There is generally quite an emphasis on yoghurt products and lamb or chicken are the two main meats which are eaten.

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Can’t beat homemade

A Broad At Home

This past Sunday I sharpened my domestic knife and got to work making homemade chicken stock. I’ve seen dozens of recipes before but never taken the time to really put it together. This recipe from Bon Appetit could not have been simpler. I added four crushed cloves of garlic (skin on) and a handful of thyme, otherwise I stayed true to the recipe. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a Sunday afternoon activity and an insane amount of depth to your dishes.

I used it for the risotto I made for dinner and Adam and I declared it the best risotto yet. We tend to say this each time we make it, but this time we meant it for real. It was truly bursting with flavor. I served it alongside roasted Brussels sprouts and grilled chicken, and finished the meal with a cookies and cream milkshake from…

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Wise Words from Michael Pollan


High Fructose Corn Syrup

In Sustainability and in Health

I came across this video tonight and had to share it on the blog. Michael Pollan is one of the leading experts on the food industry, and I recommend his work to anyone interested.

In this video, Pollan explains how our government and our agricultural system have made it possible for a Twinkie, a complex, highly processed, 40 ingredient product to cost less than a carrot, a simple root vegetable that can be planted and harvested with minimal effort.


It’s interesting and unfortunate that everyone recognizes America’s obesity epidemic, but that no one has taken effective steps to stop the government’s subsidizing of fattening, caloric, sugary ingredients.

One scene from the documentary, Food Inc., addresses how this issue affects an average, blue-collar American family.


The most poignant moment for me is when the family is walking through the grocery store and the younger daughter jumps up and…

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“Creating a more equal society through competition and perfect information”

The Gini App

I was first introduced to the idea of social entrepreneurship in college while exploring different reads at a Barnes and Noble in between shifts of a summer job. I came across a book in the economics section titled Portfolios of the Poor: How the Poor Live on $2 a Day. In that book I was introduced to Muhammad Yunus and the idea of microfinance. Yunus believes that what limits many of the poor from climbing out of poverty is a lack of access to affordable income generation capital. The brilliance of the idea was the simplicity with which he chose to solve the problem. Instead of requiring borrowers to provide collateral. He required borrowers to take out loans in groups. Instead of physical collateral, he insured the loans with social ties. All borrowers were responsible if one in the group failed to repay. I was hooked. I purchased the…

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